Black Cinema House @ BING Art Books by Brooke Marine

A short documentary I worked on this year will be screened 6/4/16 at BING Art Books in Chicago, IL.

9am-12pm. Free & open to the public.

Charles Childs, director at AA Rayner & Sons Funeral Home.

Charles Childs, director at AA Rayner & Sons Funeral Home.

A short meditation on what it means to work with the dead for a living, A Family Undertaking explores the work and lives of two funeral directors at AA Rayner & Sons, an historic Chicago funeral home located on the South Side. (12 min)


From BING Art Books:

Each month, BING will feature one or more visual artists selected by Black Cinema House for our BCH @ BING film series. Screenings will take place every Thursday evening from 6-10pm. Every week will feature different works and the series will culminate in an in-person appearance from the artist to discuss his/her work on the last Thursday of the month. Usually, multiple short films will be played on a loop, meaning that viewers can arrive at any point during the four hour screening and view them in their entirety.
This Saturday, June 4th, Black Cinema House presents short films about life on the South Side from UC alumni and current students, as part of Artscape to Washington Park, a morning of programs and tours along the E. Garfield Boulevard corridor.
9am-12pm. Free and open to the public.